Summary of Qualifications

Alan Brymer is a consultant who helps select organizations to accelerate their growth through innovation, strategic planning & marketing, and systemization.

Alan has served as a trusted advisor to over 150 businesses and has won an award with his previous startup for fast growth. He has authored several books and helps businesses accelerate their growth through a clear and comprehensive marketing strategy, plan, and simple systems to implement.

Throughout his career, Alan has secured $1,300,000 in funding from high-net-worth individuals to acquire, renovate, and manage 88 investment properties. He has spoken at 26 conferences and seminars as an expert on marketing and business systemization, and launched a blog that increased email subscribers from 275 to 5,500 within three months. Among other achievements, Alan has also designed and coordinated 67 lead generation campaigns–including direct mail, TV/Radio, SEO, SEM, publicity, referrals and content marketing–and has initiated a marketing program resulting in a 400% increase of back-end revenue with zero additional costs.

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