David Lipscomb 

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Summary of Qualifications

Building on a career of working with business owners, David is practical in his approach to leverage, growth and funding. He values the relationships forged with his clients as a partner through periods of challenge and change.

David Lipscomb has worked with business owners for 19 years as an entrepreneur, a community banker and now the director of SBA lending for a regional bank. He enjoys these relationships because owners are invested in their businesses, and David makes a difference in their lives by helping them through challenges or by helping to solve their problems.

Given David’s experience working with many types of businesses and business owners, his knowledge of available debt and equity options, and his experience as an entrepreneur, he is well positioned to identify and understand stresses and offer solutions. David believes in efficiency, so he listens and empathizes and responds honestly and directly.

As the manager of the SBA Group at IBERIABANK, he works to maintain a good credit quality, compliant loan portfolio, while providing shareholder value and keeping his team happy. However, he remains involved in the SBA loans made at IBERIABANK as it provides him an opportunity to learn about businesses more interesting than banking.

David lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and two daughters and enjoys the outdoors, cooking and tinkering.

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